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You can learn to anticipate future turning points in the markets before they happen by using our statistical Commitments of Traders strategies and price patterns. To be profitable in the futures markets, you need trading strategies that gives you an inherent advantage over the markets. Consistency is critical. Our strategies incorporate unique features that help keep traders consistently focused on the right information.


 Floyd Upperman will teach you why the trading activity of commercial institutions—as evidenced in the COT report—is so valuable in analyzing particular markets. You will learn how to leverage the COT report. Many traders tend to spend most of their efforts focused on price data. Our trading strategies focus on the COT data and the unexplored potential it offers. We believe that the Commercials who deal in the cash markets on a daily basis know much more about the fundamentals than we do or anybody else for that matter.


Our trading strategies analyze both past and present COT reports to gain insight on the current condition of the market(s) and what the commercials are anticipating in the near future.  Remember, the commercials are the most informed group of traders. They are the ones who provide the supply & demand information to the USDA and other government agencies, which in turn release this data to the public in the form of S&D reports, crop reports and other reports in which the public tend to anticipate and react to. To effectively trade the market's you must find a good system and learn it.Floyd has been developing futures trading systems, strategies, price indicators, COT indicators and position management methods for more than 20 years! 

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 Commodity Trading with Floyd Upperman's trading strategies may offer you an edge typically afforded to institutional and professional traders. Many institutions and professional traders utilize the Commitments of Traders data and now so can you.

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